Rulers accessories

Invisi-Grip Non-Slip...
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Rulers accessories

Invisi-Grip Non-Slip Material 12-1/2in x 1yd

Invisi-Grip is a clear, non-slip material that is applied to the underside of rulers, cutting mats and templates. When pressure is applied while rotary cutting, Invisi-Grip prevents your ruler from slipping and sliding. Simply cut to size, peel off carrier paper and apply to ruler. Size: 12,5" x 1 yd.
5 Slot Wooden Ruler Rack 5 Slot Wooden Ruler Rack 2
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Organizers and storage

5 Slot Wooden Ruler Rack

Keeps rulers handy and your workspace clear. Rack has five horizontal slots to store rulers upright and visible.Non - skid plastic discs on bottom prevents rack from moving or slipping. 20in length x 4in width x 3/4in thick.
Sandpaper dots grippers for...
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Rulers accessories

Sandpaper dots grippers for ruler

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36ct small, fine, adhesive sandpaper circles. Applied to the corners of rulers to hold firmly in place when rotary cutting. Also hold templates when marking seam allowances on fabric. 
TrueCut TrueGrips Grippers... TrueCut TrueGrips Grippers... 2
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Rulers accessories

TrueCut TrueGrips Grippers for Ruler

zł19.20 zł24.00
For straight, precise cuts, enhance your ruler by adding non-slip TrueGrips! Increases safety and cutting accuracy by preventing slipping. Transparent for easy fabric visibility! 15 small and 15 large grips per package. The center of the circle is the small and the outer ring is the large. 
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