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Millefiori 4 By Willyne Hammerstein Finally, the next edition to the Millefiori series is now available! Willyne Hammerstein needs no introduction. Since the international craze thanks to her Passacaglia quilt, published in her first Millefiori book, Willyne’s reputation has grown exponentially. She is an avid quilter, passionate about color, geometric...
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After the international success of her first 2 books, Willyne comes back with a 3rd one, Millefiori Quilts 3, and 18 spectacular quilts! 164 pages, softcover.
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After the international success of her first book, Willyne has continued to pursue her extraordinary exploration of fussy cutting and her meticulous work in intricate creations. The result is absolutely spectacular and the thousands of fans who have already succumbed to the famous Passacaglia will discover new challenges here! 160 pages, softcover.
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Looking just like the Venetian crystal sulphurs called "Millefiori", here are Willyne Hammerstein’s exceptional quilts. With few templates, most of her quilts are designed around the hexagon, a shape of which she is especially fond. The layout and color selection give true majesty to these quilts! For the most experienced among us, there are a couple of...
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